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The True Worshippers

What is worship? Is there more to it than the praise and worship service we “do” on Sundays? What did Jesus mean when he told the woman at the well of Samaria that the hour was at hand when they would worship the Father “neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem”? What did He mean when He added that the hour would come, in fact had already come, when the true worshippers would worship the Father in spirit and in truth? What did He mean by the true worshippers? What is new covenant worship, as contrasted with old covenant worship? What is the essence of idolatry? The True Worshippers is the author’s attempt to answer to these questions. His hope is that in doing so, he has inspired his readers to be seeking no less in their lives than the Father Himself is seeking.

A pdf book-length writing with bookmarks.

Apostolic Order In The Church?

A 24-page message exploring what the Bible actually says about true church order. Written in 2011, edited further in 2021.

Be Strong And Of A Good Courage

Encouragement from the Book of Joshua.  God calls us to courage– and ministers that courage to us– as we stand on the doorstep of our heritage in the Spirit.   An 18-page message.

The Morning Star

This writing is about our calling to participate in the first resurrection.  God knows this is far from an easy calling, so He has given us a brotherhood who can mutually encourage one another in it.  Paul the apostle was a man addicted to this pursuit.  We follow his steps through The Acts, and read his own testimony in the letters to the Corinthian church.  49 pages. Bookmarks noting chapter divisions have been set up if you have a pdf reader.

Segulah–God’s Special Treasure

God’s ultimate intention is that each and every one of His people be a vital participant in His kingdom of priests.  Though all the earth is the Lord’s, His special treasure–His segulah– is singularly, uniquely His own.  More than that, each one of us in this sequlah is to express some facet of His glory unique to their relationship with Him.  But we must see great change in the way we “do church.”  Present church order does little to enhance the development of this kingdom of priests. 16 pages.

Why Do We Go Through Trouble

Many these days are going through grievous things.  God has an end in mind– a very beautiful end.  14 pages.

Generational Spirits?

The question mark gives away my conviction concerning this popular teaching.

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  1. I’m looking for ” There is one who can speak to thy condition.” I can’t find it.



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