Whirlwind– God Is Faithful

Some of you will remember that awhile back I wrote a blog entry (Blessed Is She That Waiteth) about a young friend and her husband who have been waiting to adopt a baby.  It’s been a long wait, but God has proven faithful.  Here’s an email–which Julie titled Whirlwind– that I got from her this morning (June 12).

Hello Everyone,

So Chad and I had a plan…last week we received a call from the adoption agency saying we had been chosen! The due date was June 27th and so we had a few weeks to get get ready. Tonight we were supposed to meet with the birth family and after that meeting we were going to start telling people. God knows us so well though and that we like to be planned and organized and so He decided to have a little fun with us…last night we received a call that the birthmom had gone into labour and this morning we received a call telling us to be at the hospital for 3pm and we were back home by about 7:30pm with a baby! Talk about a whirlwind!!! Here are the details…

We are the incredibly proud, excited, exhausted, overwhelmed and deeply grateful parents of a beautiful little girl! She was 6lbs 5oz and 18.5″ long. Her name is Emma Marlane and we are pretty much in love with her. I am not sure what else to tell you at this point. Keep us in your prayers! More than two years of waiting and it all just kind of melted away when we held her. Been lots of tears today for sure.

Thank you SOOOOOOO much for all of your prayer and support. It has meant the world to us.


Chad, Julie and baby Emma

…Awesome, eh?  This encourages me to continue trusting and believing God for things I’ve prayed a long time about.  A long time.  The trial of waiting can be a very difficult trial.  But let us be faithful in it… as Julie and Chad were.  Our God is the faithful God.  He will answer.

And, let’s not be surprised to see Him answering out of a whirlwind!

…I posted a link to Julie’s blog last time but here it is again, although at this point she has not yet made an entry about the new arrival.  In the last entry she asked for prayer for the prospective birthmom.  http://www.chickadeessong.blogspot.ca/

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  1. Dear Allan, we were all sitting here praying and reading your blog and we to0 are confident that God will answer us. Frank Alden Christine and Samuel. Samuel wanted to read this blog we did and were encouraged.
    Frank read a scripture about a wind that could be a whirlwind John 3:8. The wind bloweth where it listeth. Hello from all of us, did you cath any fish? If you didn’t cast on the other side.
    That last comment was from Frank and Christine.
    Love Alden


    • Hi Alden… and Christine and Frank and Sam:

      That last comment made me smile! 🙂 No, didn’t catch any fish. But had a great time with John. Was much encouraged.

      Here’s a question for you. How wide is a boat? (That’s the title of a message I recall hearing once. Can’t remember who by. The disciples cast on one side of the boat and caught nothing all night. But directed by the Lord to cast on the other side of the boat, they caught such a hall the net couldn’t contain it. Boats aren’t all that wide. What was different? Simply, the word of the Lord. The directive of the Lord. He that hath an ear let him hear.)



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