New Page: Other Writings

Greetings to all this snowy day in March!

I have added a new page called Other Writings to A Mending Feast, which you will find under the banner at the top.

So far there are four writings there:

Apostolic Order In The Church

Be Strong And Very Courageous

The Day Of The Double Portion

The Morning Star

There’s a brief description under each title giving an overview of what it’s about.

I will add other writings from time to time, so if you are interested in reading them please check that page once in a while.

Blessings to all,

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  1. On other writings Apostolic Order

    I can rejoice for we know that God’s word is true and with patience we wait for him to have his way. Along with learning I believe that unlearning is also very important. Like making sure a foundation. The two houses that were built in the bible one on sand and one on the solid rock. They both looked the same but when testing came only one stood the test. I also think of our loins girded with truth. What if we were girded with a lie when the time of testing comes instead of being proteted you only think you are proteted. We as God’s people have to search and love the truth with all our hearts and God will lead us. There is always a temptation to want to have our own way and with that we surrender our way to his way and we are brought to great peace. Thanks again for sharing Allan.


    • Hi Alden. Good word. We place a lot of emphasis on learning, and rightly so. But I think it’s a great grace in someone’s life when they have the humility that enables them to unlearn. Some things of course we must adhere to at any cost– the truth that Jesus Christ is Lord, primarily. But when He begins to show us other things that need to be unlearned… this can be very trying. The way we “do” church is one of them. We have a lot to learn– and unlearn. I don’t see it happening overnight. But as you said, God’s word is true and He will have His way. So, for our part, let’s just stay on the Potter’s wheel, and let Him have His own way.



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